I took a business trip from Shanghai China to Sweden. The first phase was from Shanghai Pudong airport to Munich Germany airport. I stayed at Munich airport for almost 4 hours in the morning (Munich local time). The following are several photos that I took there.

More photos below….

Inside the terminal 2 building of Munich airport:

The roof between terminal 1 building and terminal 2 building:

How the roof looks like when the sun rised:

Rent a car from SiXT:

The very morning of Munich airport. Without much people, without many cars. The city was awaking:

An advertisement of some IT products. I cannot read German.

The terminal 2 building:

The rising sun:

The control tower:

Something really cool. 🙂 Actually three wooden sculptures:

A part of train. I really did not understand why it was there.

A big sphere:

Audi Forum, and there is no Chinese text on the door:

Munich is approaching its spring season, as you can see the new buds appear.

A handsome young boy was cleaning the glass:

Two young men were cleaning the windows:

The ESPRIT shop.

The service center where you can leave your luggage here.

After I passed the security check and were waiting for the airplane, I noticed all the LCD TV were LG brand. The left part of the photo showed the coffee machines, while the right part showed that Financial Times and Wall Street Journals were provided free of charge, and there were several other Germany newspapers as well.

It is interesting that both E&Y and KPMG have advertisements in Munich airport.

Another cool advertisement. Not in plane, but a real 3D.

What mobile telecommunication operators that my mobile phone (a Palm 750 model) founds in Munich airport.