This post is about foods, people and transportation when I stayed in Karlskrona, Sweden.

More photos below…

My Swedish colleagues told me this is “Swedish Dumplings”, a very typical Swedish food. Actually it is made from potato with stuffing.

The pizza with shrimp and mushroom. It cost me 50 SEK (Swedish Krona). I think it is cheap.

The salad with the pizza:

Another pizza:

The pizza shop:

Two places where you can cut your hair:

The garage.

Local people like to run every afternoon after 5:00pm when they are off duty.

This is the most frequently seen scene: A family with kids in the handcart:

Another very frequently seen scene: People with their dogs:

Three kids are playing balls:

Two women are renovating their house:

It seems that this is an ongoing building house.

Flowers. The spring is coming.

The only one Mcdonald in the Trosso town. There is no KFC here.

Deloitte office in Karlskrona, Sweden:

The harbor with lots of private boats:

I guess this sign means fishing is prohibited.

A plate in English and Swedish:


The post box:

Usually the name of a street is on the corner wall like this:

The bus stops:

Inside the bus:

You press this to turn on the green light when you want to cross the road:

A service station:

Sand box? Yes, many sand boxes in Karlskrona. Guess its usage? I am told the sand is used to put on the roads in winter when there is heavy snow.

The Karlskrona Central Raiway Station:

The automatic ticket vendor machine: