Karlskrona is an archipelago. The main island is Trossö (where most of my photos were taken in the previous blog entries), and there is another island called Aspö.

Today my friend in Karlskrona told me there is ferry between Trossö island and Aspö island. I took the ferry to go to Aspö on 17:30, and return Trossö on 19:00. The ferry is free of charge.

More photos below…

17:30 is the time when most people get off from the work, so quite many cars get on the ferry ship, but only very few people, without car, get into the cabin:

The ferry ship started.

Standing on the ferry, looking back toward the Stumholmen island (Check my another post with photos about Stumholmen island).

Looking the way forward:

A fortified tower in the middle of the sea:

The sea:

20 minutes later, the ferry ship arrived at Aspö island.

The houses, roads and woods on the Aspö island.

After walking for 15 minutes, finally I see the Drottningskar Citadel. It was built in 17th century.

Around the Drottningskar Citadel:

When I went back to Trossö island, it was 19:00, and there was only a few cars on the ferry ship, and the cabin was almost empty: