Now I am living in a hotel in Stockholm’s Central Station/T-Centralen area, and I take metro line every morning to go to office in Kista.

I took some photos of Stockholm Metro stations (just along the blue line T11) today after I get off from the office.

More photos below….

Stockholm Metro line system is very sophiscated.

T-Centralen (Swedish for “The T-Centre”, T means “subway”) station:

Nackrosen Station:

Solna Centrum Station:

Sorry, I forgot the name of this station:

Vastra Skogen Station:

Stadshagen Station:

I also forgot the name of the station for the following photos. I guess they are some art.

This is Kista station. It is an above ground station. I took off from the metro line at Kista station every morning and then walk to office in Kista.