I visited the Absolut Icebar in Stockholm tonight. According to the Icebar’s official website:

Experience Stockholm’s coolest bar – the ABSOLUT ICEBAR STOCKHOLM at the Nordic Sea Hotel! Here in the world’s first permanent ice bar, the temperature is -5°C all year round, and the entire interior – including the glasses – is made from 100% pure, clear ice from the Torne River in Swedish Lapland.

More photos below….

Note: please note that the name is Absolut, not Absolute.

The entry area:

It is really the real ice:

The bar.

The wine behind the bar:

All the cups are made from real ice:

All wine are vodka. The green wine was what I ordered. 🙂

The ice sofa:

Sculptures made from ice:

TV! It is a real TV embedded in the ice. It keeps displaying a video about the new opened Icebar all around the world, including an icebar opened last year in Shanghai.

An bar counter:

Each session is 45 minutes long. Actually just after around 10 minutes, I began to stamp my feet. Quite cold!

When the session ended, I was asked “how do you feel like?”, I answered:”My body enjoyed, but my legs and knees suffered!” 🙂

Links for general Iceabar and Icehotel:

BTW, I learned that actually an Icebar was opened in Shanghai last year (2007) but now the Shanghai Icebar was closed temporarily for unknown reason.

A comment from Sophia on June 27th, 2007 from this page said:

ABSOLUT ICEBAR SHANGHAI is the seventh ABSOLUT ICEBAR in the world after the one in London, Tokyo, Milan, Stockholm , Copenhagen and one in ICEHOTEL. It is the biggest in Asia and the other one that you can find expect Tokyo in Asia are fake Icebars. It’s important to know that absolut icebar is a franchisee and it’s a concept developed by ICEHOTEL and Absolut vodka. All the ice come from Torne River in the artic pole of Sweden and took 30000 km to get to Shanghai. The ice is clear, pure and cleaner that water, the freezing process makes it crystallize and the ice have a natural blue lighting. It’s a permanent ICEBAR but the design of the bar will be change every six months. Everything inside is made of Ice even your cup for your special absolut cocktail. 100 RMB, ONE DRINK, 45 MINS B1 Infiniti Plaza, 138 HuaiHai Zhong Road 12pm-12am

Links for the Icebar in Shanghai: