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Intentions & Conversations

I talked to Liz Rockett, Haas 2010 and the President of Haas MBA Association about my blog post “Doing an MBA is like shopping in a grocery” from her speech in the Orientation week.  Liz is very generous to share the text of that portion of her speech about setting intentions and “grocery shopping” through business school.

Here is that part of Liz’s speech:

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Intel CEO, guest speaker today

Wow, today August 17th is the Day One of my Haas MBA Orientation week, and I never expect that we could have Mr. Paul Otellini, President and CEO of Intel, also Haas MBA 1974, as the guest speaker today!


Paul’s speech is simply great.


What a day!  Stay tuned.  This is just the first day of Orientation week.  🙂

(Daniel, my deal Haas classmate, thank you for the photo.)

Travis Darrow: a Social Connector

Before I got known Mr. Travis Darrow, I was proud of my fame of “resourceful/social hub” in my friends circle.  But now I think I am wrong.  I am definitely not the best living example of social hub.

Travis is the most social guy that I have ever met.

I just met Travis in June 11 evening at Shanghai, in the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business party featuring Dean Lyons.  Then I got known Travis is a very active Berkeley alumnus based in Hong Kong.  It was truly enjoyable talking with Travis in the event.

Then the next day I found Travis’ entry on LinkedIn and Facebook.  This guy has 500+  connections on LinkedIn, and 1500+ friends on Facebook.  Oh my god.  🙂

Then I read recommendation words like this:

As the #1 volunteer for UC Berkeley in Hong Kong, Travis is at the hub of so much activity. Travis knows everyone; he is responsive and creative; Travis never hesitates to help fellow alumni.

Travis has been an enthusiastic and professional member of the steering committee of the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong since 2001. Thanks to Travis’ continual and inspiring efforts, loyalty and dedication, the Berkeley Club membership and event participation has grown enormously, which has resulted in countless benefits for the campus.

Oh, then I realized that Mr. Travis must be the “social connector“:

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