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October 25th, 2009

Berkeley’s Ties to China: A Relationship Spanning over 140 Years

I just read a great chronology of UC Berkeley’s ties to China. It was posted to Haas@Cal website. In courtesy of the author, I forwarded the full text here to share with more readers.

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June 29th, 2009

[Reading] They deserve our attention

Last Saturday June 27th. at the Glamour Bar in Shanghai, I attended a book talk event.  U.S.  journalist and author Ms. Lynne Joiner previewed her upcoming new book “Honorable Survivor: Mao’s China, McCarthy’s America and the Persecution of John S. Service ” (Link on

It turned out to be a great talk.  Before the talk, I have no idea of who is John S. Service (Jack Service).   Now I learned this American diplomat has played an important role regarding U.S. and China relations prior to and during the World War II, and then was McCarthy’s first victim.

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